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Frequently asked questions.

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How does payment work?

It is a setup fee plus a % commission of your Amazon gross sales. The setup fee is a separate fee from the % commission.


Is it safe for us to pay you?

We understand your concern. Our agency is in Canada which may be very different and far away from your country. Please read our Why Us page to learn more about our case studies, values, and guarantee.


Who is your clientele?

Most of our clients are manufacturers from around the world, and our other remaining clients are Amazon sellers in the US and Canada.


Can we arrange a conference call?

Yes! Feel free to invite your boss and other staff on this call. We would love to answer any questions you have. We can send you an agenda of the topics that we will discuss so that you can prepare any needed info and questions.

“Thanks for helping me out every step of the way through my Amazon journey Minh! You really got out of your way to help me out and teach me at the same time. I learned and grew a lot! Thanks again man!”

Jason Luong

"Thanks for all your help Minh! You made everything relatively easy. The cost was well worth the ranking service. Can’t wait to launch my new products with you!”

Allen Leung
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